Productivity Consult

·        Assess where the company is

·        Determine where the company wants to be

·        Develop a plan to bridge the gap

·        Maximize use of resources

·        Improve bottom line

This service is designed to help organizations function at their optimal level. The goal is to help the company’s productivity reflect its size instead of reducing size to reflect lower productivity level.







 Staff Development

·       Build employee morale

·      Strengthen team cohesion

·        Increase employee satisfaction

·        Motivate your team and individual team members

·        Renew your team’s commitment to organizational and personal growth

A happier team > A healthier team > A more productive team


“We were getting ready to cut our team of 10 people down to 5 when we decided to try this service. My wife convinced me to try this service even when I didn’t want to add another expense.  Dr. Judi was able to come in to work with us for 2 weeks and I could not believe the places she was finding waste.  I thought we had tightened our belts, but we were throwing money out of the window.  Dr. Judi helped us develop a more efficient operation, keep the team at 10 and bring in revenue like a 10 person team should.”