20 Minute Introductory Session

The best way to introduce you to the experience is immersion.  That is why your introductory meeting will be anactual 20 minute session.  We will identify an issue and begin to work on it together.  This will help you get an idea of how the service will work.  Of-course in future session you will have the added benefit of the rapport that will be developed.  Your session is YOUR time, so we will address your concern. 


After your 20 minute NO OBLIGATION session, the questions you have can be answered.  We will be able to address your needs and plan for future meetings if we are a fit.  We will determine how often we meet based on your needs and preference.  


Whether you prefer to meet weekly, biweekly or even monthly, we can still do great work together.  Our meetings will be guided by your goals, but you will need to follow through between sessions because the time we spend together is limited.  As an added support you can also get email support between sessions to ask a question or celebrate a win.  You will get a response to your email with 24 hours.



  • Explore professional and personal goals
    • Develop strategies to help you reach these goal
  • Identify the obstacles and challenges in your way
    • Develop an action plan to prevent self hindranc
  • Identify your talents, skills  and available resources
    • Determine how these can best be used toward attaining your goals


An outside supporter who can be objective

A supporter who is nonjudgmental

A confidential outlet to help you work through your challenges

A person to help you stay focused on YOUR goals

Someone to help you work beyond your obstacles toward your dream


Complete the Appointment Request Form to request a free mini session today and se how it works.


Coaching Packages

Silver Package: Three 45-minute sessions per month including up to three (3) email support contacts between scheduled calls.

Gold Package: Four 45-minute calls per month plus being able to make one (1) call for 5 minutes to celebrate a win, to have a question answered, etc. PLUS up to four (4) email support contacts between scheduled calls.

Platinum Package: Four 45-minute calls per month, plus being able to make 5 minute calls to celebrate a win, have a question answered, etc. PLUS unlimited email support between scheduled calls.


Making a Payment 

Once you have scheduled your services, you will receive an invoice to pay for your sessions through Paypal.  Please note that payment must be received prior to your appointment time.


Please contact 561-Dr-JudiC (375-8342) for additional information.