"I had a few issues I needed to work through, but the idea of seeing a therapist was just crazy. I knew I wasn’t crazy and the last thing I needed was to have someone treat me like I was. Over the years things just compounded until I reached my breaking point this year. I finally called Dr. Judi fully expecting that she could not help, especially not over the phone. The last 3 months have proven me wrong consistently as we addressed the “little quirks” that I have been avoiding. Things have improved so much at home and work. I wish I called sooner.”
Orlando, FL

"When I heard of teletherapy I thought it was a joke. I’ve always thought of therapy as being in a small little office, laying on a couch telling my problems to an old guy writing on a note pad. I knew I needed to see a therapist, but I did not have the time. I was overwhelmed, and so stressed I was getting physically ill. In just a few weeks Dr. Judi had me organizing and prioritizing and now I actually have time to do things. I’m still working on time and stress management, but things are so much better than I thought was possible.”
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I was joking about teletherapy with a friend when he revealed that he was seeing a therapist. Like me, he had concerns about privacy. I did not want to run into people and having my personal business put on blast, which happened to me before. I didn’t think I could connect with a therapist when not in the same room, but with a friend’s endorsement I gave it a shot. It’s comfortable and convenient, but more importantly can call in to my sessions from the comfort of my home office. Not having to worry about finding time to get there, and worry about running into people has given me the freedom to focus on the work I’m doing with Dr. Judi. She gives a lot of homework, but it helps you get through things faster.”
Miami, FL

"We came to Dr. Judi as we were getting ready to hire our divorce lawyers. We were barely speaking and were like strangers sharing a house and kids. At that point we were both ready to sign the papers. Within the first two sessions we started to see a difference. Our communication was improving and we were starting to understand each other as well as our needs better. These few months have opened our eyes to how we, our marriage, our relationship have evolved. Working with Dr. Judi helped us get to know each other as our new selves and becoming our “ideal partner”. Who knew you had to learn how to ask for, show and receive love? Our marriage is stronger and much more fun now. Even our children are coming out of their rooms to be with us and it feels great to have our family back and even better than before. We are very happy we made that first appoint.”
West Palm Beach, FL

"When I moved to this area, I struggled to adjust to my new position and home. Between the demands of my work and family I was overwhelmed and often felt as though I was drowning under the pressure. I was considering moving my family back to the northeast. Working with Dr. Judi has helped tremendously. I have learned the skills that I need to help me better manage everything. At work I am held in high regards and I believe I have the respect of my employees, but I was getting very worried that they would start to see through the chaos that was going on in my personal life. Finally, I feel like I have it all together again. After completing our work in these 3 months I think it will be a good idea to come back for monthly tune ups.”
RIE, Business Executive
Palm Beach, FL

“After what seemed like a year when everything that could go wrong was going wrong I was ready to give in and give up. Since starting my work with Dr. Judi, I have found my sense of power again. I am involved and in control of my life again. My career is back on track and I’m in a loving relationship. I still have some work to do to fully conquer my issues, but I am in such a great place now. I could not even imagine this two months ago. I am so very glad I made that

call. The action based model was very helpful for me.


Manalapan, FL

"Reaching out to Judi was one of the best decisions I've made!  The recession affected not only business, but also my personal finances, and relationship.  How was I supposed to get out of debt, repair my credit, and create a savings nest?  I struggled for a couple of years with the same problems on my own.  After meeting with Judi and implementing her recommendations to my lifestyle, I recovered financially after 3 months!  It wasn't easy, and required a lot of work hours and self discipline.  But, Judi helped me to understand that I did have control over my situation.  She genuinely cared about helping me succeed, and was a constant support through my journey."

MA, Small Business Owner
Fort Lauderdale, FL


A few months ago I was thinking I would have to close my doors because my business had been struggling for the past two years. Calling Dr. Judi was a last resort. Money was so low and I thought it was crazy to pay a consultant but I did it. Six months later I wish I called her sooner. We recovered her fee soon after she left, and more importantly we are on our way to recovery. It feels like I’m breathing again. I realize that she was right when she kept saying “You have the resources. You just need to start using them to get your desired results.” It looks like we will be around for another 10 years thanks to Dr. Judi.

OP, Small Business Owner

Miami, FL


“My husband could not believe when I told him I was getting ready to defend my dissertation. I have been “working” on it for several years and with each passing semester was more discouraged. It felt like I would never find time to get the research and writing done. Working with Dr. Judi I was able to actually fit my dissertation in with work and family. She was so supportive and motivating as I struggled to make and adapt to the necessary adjustments. It’s hard to believe how feasible the process really was. Dr. Judi helped me figure out how to get help from people I didn’t imagine I could ask for help. She’s right, ‘things are much easier with a little help’. Having Dr. Judi to keep me on a plan and motivated was a tremendous help.”

JEJ, Mental Health Professional

Jamaica, NY


“I recently moved to a new town and was having difficulty with some of the administrative team at my child's school.  My child has special needs and I was in desperate need of an ally to help me advocate for my child.  I sought Dr. Cinéas' assistance in the matter and was; essentially, very pleased with the outcome of the situation.  She helped me clarify and maintain the focus on my actual goal and stuck with me as I continued to work with the administration.  I was able to effectively advocate for my child, to get the administrators to address our concerns and in the end make the best decision.  Her diligence and effective communication skills helped us tremendously and we are eternally grateful.  Thank you for all of your help, Dr. Cinéas.”

FIJ, Business Owner

Columbia, SC


I was struggling with my dissertation for a while – More like a couple of years. At times it seemed so overwhelming and never ending that I even thought of giving up. Between work, family and life, there was no time left to conduct research and write a dissertation. Last summer, I came to Dr. Judi as a final effort. She got me on track, set a plan with me and helped me figure out how to get some resources that I did not even know were there. I can hardly believe that I’m preparing to defend my dissertation in a few weeks. It’s amazing what having a plan and motivation can do.

MRA, Business Executive

Jamaica, NY


“I was skeptical about working with a coach, but I tried DrJudiC’s free intro session and was pleasantly surprised.  I liked how she helped me open up my thinking and really go for the guns.  I did an interview prep session with her, after which I impressed myself.  I was out of work nearly a year and she helped find a way to repackage the same skills I was using in Real Estate and parley them into a new position, unrelated to Real Estate.  I’m a convert.  I now agree that coaching can work for men.”

JR, Business Professional

Miami, FL


 “Dr. Judi was very encouraging to me in a project I was working on. She guided me through the phases and was with me every step of the way. She is an excellent source of strength to get you to where you want to be in life.”

ST, Educator & Entrepreneur

Fort Lauderdale, FL



Dr. Cinéas is one of the most sensitive and honest individuals I have ever met. Her feedback and insight were very intuitive and gave me hope when I thought hope was not around. Dr. Cinéas speaks from the heart and can truly be a supporter as well as a mentor. She helped me learn how to find the answers within myself, so that I can access them even when she is not around. She provided me with guidance on how to better raise my children and to be a better wife to my husband. We have worked on issues in my personal and professional life.  I believe her experience as a therapist maximized my experience.  Dr. Cinéas is truly a blessing in how I view life.”

EF, Business Professional

West Palm Beach, FL