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We offer two ADHD Management Programs (Individual and Group)

Our Individual program consist of one on one work with you to uncover your ADHD symptoms, your habits, your strengths as well as resources. With this information a plan is developed that is YOU-focused to address your specific needs and help you thrive. Package sessions do not need to be consecutive, but you need to adhere to your individualized schedule.

Our Group program is a small workgroup that meets weekly to learn a different ADHD management tool. It is important that you attend all the sessions as each session is focused on a different tool.

What is a Workgroup?

It’s not a support group because the focus is on more than just support and camaraderie. Each week we focus on learning and implementing a tool that helps with managing your ADHD.


How long is the session?

The groups are scheduled for 1 hour, but we block out 90 minutes because sometimes (usually) discussions and questions calls for a bit more time, and because ADHD sufferers need breaks.


Who should register?

People who are dealing with ADHD. Group participants can include newly diagnosed individuals, people who have not been diagnosed but know the issues are there as well as people who were diagnosed a long time ago. The focus is on learning and applying the resources not the diagnosis.


When is the next group?

Our next group starts MONDAY MAY 15, 2017 and meets every Monday at 7PM for six weeks.

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